The 1st International Forum on Business Economics in Disruptive Era_, is an International Forum perfomed by Faculty of Economics and Business Lambung Mangkurat university collaboration with 4 an international supported speakers :
1. Dr. Arlyana Abubakar (Director Bank Of Indonesia)
2. Prof. Rajah Rasiah (University Of Malaya)
3. Abdy Taminsyah (Founder & President of MonsoonSIM)
4. Prof. M. Handry Imansyah, MAM, Ph.D (Regional Economist, Lecturer And ULM Professor)

The topics discussed and intendly about economic and business issues in the disruption era, the mean of Opportunities, Challenges, and all Risks about it. and how to look a forecasting in the future that will happen related to aspects in business and economic activities in the era of disruption. Uniquely part this one of presentation of Prof. Rajah Rasiah (University Of Malaya) has show on the skype also
Explained for the participants how technology and disruptive era is a fact in front of life, so that peoples must be prepaired about the opportunity and challenges can be take up from this condition will be create economics and business growth of the one country to be survived, grow and thrived so that the countrys can be compete in disruptive era on nasional and global context.

IFBE FEB ULM perfomed on 13-14 November 2019 in the Aria Barito Hotel Ballroom, Banjarmasin. Schedule was made on First Day is Plenary Session with Gala Dinner, and second day has been implemented Workshop with a single Speaker Mr. Sidharta Hadi Gunawan from (monsoonSIM Academy) with Business Training MonsoonSIM. In the last session is a Best Participants Announcement and the winner from 1 until 5 level winner. The Best Presenter/ Participants (Presenter) will be get the Million Rupiah Cash Awarded and the Reputation Of Best Paper.

-IFBE FEB ULM 2019- @ Banjarmasin